Injuries Related to Police Misconduct – NY, NY

There are over 36,000 police officers in New York City. Not all of them act appropriately at a crime scene. For example, excessive force, tampering with evidence at a crime scene, unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, assault and battery, and malicious prosecution are all forms of police misconduct.

While it is lawful for police to control a situation, especially when there is a suspected crime involved, they are not allowed to use excessive force to arrest or subdue suspects, innocent bystanders, or inmates in prisons.

The police department has been under fire for excessive use of force and corruption. For example, in 2011, 16 Bronx police officers were indicted and hundreds of others caught in a ticket-fixing sting. In 2012, two police officers were filmed repeatedly battering a young man inside a Brooklyn Jewish Community Center. To add insult to injury, the victim was charged with a felony count of assault on police officers, among other crimes. This is often the case. The actual victim is often charged with a number of crimes.

Clearly, there is a problem with police misconduct. A 2012 report by a group of New York-based attorneys called the Protect and Assembly Rights Project listed hundreds of instances of “excessive force and other forms of police misconduct.” For instance, a café worker who was filming arrests of an individual involved in a protest was grabbed by the wrist and flipped hard to the ground. The worker was then charged with obstructing justice and blocking traffic. The report detailed 130 instances of alleged excessive force and misconduct.

Police work is dangerous, but police who use excessive force when arresting, detaining or as the result of a pursuit must be held accountable for wrongful action. If you have been injured or you know someone who has been seriously harmed as a result of police excessive use of brutality, you may have a legal basis to file a claim against him or her for compensation.

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