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Frequently Asked Questions

I was hurt on the job and I get Workman’s Compensation. Does that mean I can’t sue?

No – Workman’s Compensation laws generally limit your right to sue your employer directly for injuries suffered on the job, but you can still sue others who may also be responsible—such as the manufacturer of faulty equipment, the owner of the worksite or some other legal entity at the scene.

I can’t really afford a lawyer. What can I do?

Many of our clients can’t afford a lawyer. Alpert, Slobin and Rubenstein works on a contingency fee basis—which means that our fees and expenses come out of any recovery we get for our client in settlement or after a trial. Unless and until there is a recovery, our clients do not pay us any legal fees.

I went to another lawyer who said that I didn’t have a case. What can I do now?

You still may have a case. Many lawyers don’t want to take on a complicated or difficult case. Alpert, Slobin and Rubenstein has accepted and won many complex cases that were originally turned down by other law firms. Don’t be discouraged just because another lawyer was unwilling to help you.

How seriously injured must I be for Alpert, Slobin and Rubenstein to handle my case?

Alpert, Slobin and Rubenstein handles cases for clients who have suffered serious injuries that have a significant and permanent impact on their lives. This, of course, covers a broad range of serious injuries, including wrongful death. However, we are always available for free consultation to discuss your case and injuries.

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